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Andalusia collaborate with the European Network of Regions for Sustainable and Competitive Tourism.

NECSTouR is the voice of European regions committed to economic, social and environmental sustainability through tourism – an increasingly important driver of destination competitiveness.

To help members deliver the tourism of tomorrow, NECSTouR provides an interregional cooperation strategy focused on the five key strategic approaches, known as the “Five S of sustainable tourism of Tomorrow”: Smart destinations, Sociocultural balance, Skills and talent, Safety and resilience, Statistics and measurability. These are complement two cross-cutting initiatives: The Barcelona Declaration “Better Places to Live, Better Places to Visit” and the Smart Specialisation Platform "Digitalisation and Safety for Tourism".

As the network for 34 European regional tourism authorities and 30 associated members (universities, research institutes, representatives of tourism enterprises and sustainable tourism associations), NECSTouR proactively, and in partnership, works to address challenges by identifying, capturing and sharing best practice solutions with our members and our key partners and alliances across Europe. In this way we help destinations achieve a smarter, more sustainable approach to tourism development.


- Position the NECSTouR model of Sustainable & Competitive Tourism.
- Raise the profile of tourism in the EU agenda.
- Reinforce the role of regions in EU tourism policy.
- Advocate for the mainstreaming of EU funds for tourism.

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